True Low Air Loss Pressure Reducing Mattress System

The Serene mattress system has a simple to use and intuitive weight setting function, enabling the nursing staff or care giver to quickly and effectively set the mattress up according to the weight of each patient. The Serene mattress also comes with an innovative cell on cell design offering support to the patient during power failure or transport.

The Serene has a range of unique features for both patients and caregivers, and has been designed to comply with the most stringent infection control guidelines. It is suitable for all types of patient from pressure injury prevention through to managing existing pressure damage.


The CPR is located at the foot end of the bed making it highly visible and intuitive to use.

Air Cells

The Air Cells in the Serene enable the patient to immerse into the mattress allowing the patient to experience True Low Air Loss therapy.

Cell on Cell Technology

The innovative cell on cell design offers support to the patient during power failure or transport for up to eight hours.

Head Up Control Panel

The control panel on the Serene is specifically designed to be ergonomic and easy to see without the need for the caregiver to change position when using it.

Product features and benefits

Weight Setting: The weight setting function on the Serene has been designed to be as simple to use and intuitive for the caregiver as possible, helping to eliminate the risk of incorrect patient weight settings being entered in to the pump.

Max Firm Mode: Hyper inflates the cells providing a firm surface for moving, handling and nursing procedures. For the safety of the patient the mattress will only stay in Max Firm Mode for 20 minutes and will then revert back to Therapeutic Mode.

Two Way Zip: The top mattress cover comes with a Two Way Zip which reduces the risk of ingress of unwanted fluids. The cover can also be completely removed for laundering and replacing if necessary.

Low Pressure Alarm: Alerts the caregiver if there is a loss of air pressure in the mattress.

Power Failure Alarm: Notifies the caregiver when there is a loss of power if the mattress is unplugged.

Fault Alarm Code Indicator: If the mattress does suffer a technical malfunction an audible alarm will sound and a fault code will be displayed to alert the user to the exact fault.

Service Fault Indicator: Alerts the caregiver when the mattress needs to be repaired.

Lock Out: The pump automatically locks the control panel after five minutes to help prevent the changing of settings inappropriately.

Seat Inflate Mode: When a patient is in the upright position, the seat inflate mode increases the pressure throughout the mattress in order to better support the sacral area.

Designated Heel Zone: The Serene has a heel zone section to help increase immersion and redistribution of pressure around the heel area.

Cable Management: The left hand side of the mattress has a cable management system, allowing the power cable to be stored off the floor during operation.

Mattress Cover: The top cover is Crib 5 Fire Retardant and has a host of features to aid with infection prevention that include a 360 degree zip, vapour permeability, fungistatic and antimicrobial properties, water resistance and it is Silver-ion Treated, the cover is also two way stretch to aid with infection prevention that include a 360 degree zip, vapour permeability, fungistatic and antimicrobial properties, water resistance and it is Silver-ion Treated, the cover is also two way stretch to aid with patient comfort.


Mattress Specification

Mattress Dimensions: 200x90x20.3 cm

Mattress Weight: 7.5 KG

CPR: Highly visible CPR valve

Cell Structure: Cell on Cell Technology

Designated Heel Zone: Allows for better immersion of
the heels

Max Firm: To assist with patient care

Seat Inflation Mode: Helps support the patient in the upright position

Cable Management: To allow for safe storage of the power cable

Modular Cell Construction: For ease of maintenance

Anchoring Straps: For safe attachment to bed frame

Anti-Sink Cell on Cell technology throughout the length of
the mattress

Max Firm Mode

Non-Slip Base

Cover Specification

Flame Retardant Crib 5

360 degree two way zip

Two Way Stretch

Vapour Permeable

Water Resistant

Machine washable up to 95 degrees


Pump Specification

Maximum Patient Weight: 200 KG

Pump Size: 31.2 X 26 X 16 cm

Pump Weight: 5 Kg

True Low Air Loss: Continuous Low Air Loss enables the patient to fully immerse into the mattress

Voltage: AC220-240V, 50Hz; AC: 120V/60Hz

ABS Cover: ABS Flame Retardant Pump Cover

Transport Mode: Up to eight hours

Hanging Brackets

Audible and Visual System Fault Alarms

System fault code display

Easy to change external air filter

Power Cable Storage Hooks on back of pump

Extra Long Power Cable

Mute Button

Easy to Identify Power Light

Pump Lockout

Fault Indicator