The most popular nursing care bed

Easy to use

  • 4 section mattress support.
  • Electrically adjusted height from nominal 40cm to 83cm.
  • Electrically adjusted back rest.
  • Electrically adjusted leg lift with Fowler position knee-break.
  • Simple ‘lift & lock’ siderails in attractive beech.
  • Head & foot boards in attractive beech.
  • Lifting pole & grab handle.

Tech Specs


  • 4 braked, twin-wheel castors.
  • Mains electricity safety connector.
  • Actuators & controllers ingress protected to IP54.
  • Auto-profiling / function-lock hand control.
  • Securely fixed spiral wound cables.
  • Safe working Load 190kg (30 stones). **
  • Clearance for most hoists and cleaning equipment.
  • CE marked to current EU standards.

Note: ** refer to Useful Info


  • Easy one person assembly.
  • Modular for easy storage & transport.
  • Light weight at 105kg overall.
  • Compact and robust scissor-lift” chassis
  • Powder-coated steel construction for durability & ease of cleaning.
  • Metal mesh mattress support prolongs life of mattress.
  • Standard bed size 200 x 90 cm. These are nominal inside dimensions. Mattress dimensions are less than this to allow clearance for moving parts of the bed. **
  • Unique serial number on every bed.

A choice of accessories

  • Longer, wider and shorter versions available.
  • Pressure care or non-pressure care hinged mattresses to suit all beds.
  • Siderail height extenders in attractive beech (retains ‘lift & lock’ function).
  • Standard & extra large siderail safety foam bumpers.
  • Safety foam bumpers for head & foot boards.
  • easyEX movement aid.
  • crashEX safety mat.
  • tenEX Cocoon total enclosure safety bumper system.