Domus 3

Pressure Relieving Mattress/Overlay

The Domus 3 dynamic mattress system has a simple to use and intuitive weight setting function, enabling the care giver to simply set the mattress up according to the weight of each patient.

The Domus 3 is a highly versatile and cost effective solution to pressure area care. Its modular construction makes it easy to keep clean and maintain, making it suitable for both the prevention and management of pressure ulcers.


The CPR toggle is located at the head end of the mattress and is designed to be highly visible in an emergency.

Transport Mode

Transport Mode is designed to be simple and easy to use. Its simple click in design also means it is robust and easy to keep clean.

Air Cells

The air cells modular design means maintenance, replacement and decontamination are easy to carry out. The center section of the mattress features Ventilated Micro Low Air Loss Cells, which are designed to aid air flow within the mattress to help with patient comfort and infection control.

Head Up Control Panel

The control panel on the Domus 3 is specifically designed to be ergonomic and easy to see without the need for the caregiver to change position when using it.

Features & Benefits

Alternating Therapeutic Mode: Continuously and sequentially inflates and deflates the air cells to allow for pressure redistribution over a ten minute cycle time.

Low Pressure Alarm: Alerts the caregiver if there is a loss of air pressure in the mattress. 

Static Mode: Halts the alternating cycle of the mattress cells so that all cells inflate to the same pressure determined by the patient weight setting. This provides an even surface for the purposes of nursing procedures, after procedures or to act as a step down function before a patient is moved back onto a foam mattress.

Mattress Cover: The cover is flame resistant to BS 7175 Crib 7 and has a host of features to aid with infection prevention  including a 360 degree zip, white underside, vapour permeability, antimicrobial properties and is water resistant. The cover is four way stretch to offer greater pressure relief and comfort levels to the patient, it is also possible to launder the cover in a washing machine.

Ventilated Low Air Loss: The center cells are ventilated to increase air flow around the inside of the mattress to aid with patient comfort and infection control.


Mattress Specification

Mattress Dimensions : 200x90x12.7 cm

Mattress Weight : 5.2 KG

CPR : Highly Visible CPR Toggle

Cable Management : To allow for safe storage of the power cable

Modular Cell Construction : For ease of maintenance

Anchoring Straps : For safe attachment to bed frame or underlaying mattress

Static Head Zone

Static Mode

Non-Slip Base

Seventeen Ventilated Low Air Loss Cells

Cover Specification

Flame Resistant BS 7175 Crib 7

360 Degree Zip

White Underside of Cover

Four Way Stretch

Vapour Permeable

Water Resistant

Machine Washable


Pump Specification

Maximum Patient Weight : 180 KG

Pump Size : 29×18.5×12.6 cm

Pump Weight : 2.1 KG

Cycle Time : 10 minutes

Voltage :  AC220-240V, 50Hz; AC :  120V/60Hz

ABS Cover :  ABS Flame Retardant Pump Cover

Transport Mode

Hanging Brackets

Extra Long Power Cable

Low Pressure Alarm