Web portal

APEX Medical have developed an award winning asset management application that provides our customers with complete transparency and control over the service they receive.

The application reduces the inherent inefficiencies within an asset management service, provides a transparent view into the day to day operation of the service and supply’s management data to inform strategic decisions. The application is powered by our RFID asset tracking tags, which provides conformity to the GS1 coding for success. Scanning assets at each stage of the equipment cycle, instantly updates our database as to where each item is in the pre-defined process.

The web based customer portal has been created to empower our customers to effectively and efficiently manage their service through:

E-Commerce – The portal allows users to search for equipment, view the specification to ensure it matches their requirements and purchase. The equipment will be automatically added and made available to the organization’s inventory.

Stock Management – Customers have the ability to optimise their available inventory through the ability to request deliveries and collections of both rental and managed service equipment.

Repair & Maintenance – Allows customers to view the details of their warranty, request a repair on a specific piece of equipment, view their servicing history and track the status of the repair. This module will empower organisations to maximise their equipment’s life cycle and will ensure patients receive optimum treatment from the product.

Management Reporting – Management reports to provide a transparent assessment over the service we provide and access to data to inform future strategic decisions are instantly available.

Accounts Module – The Accounts module delivers organisations with a tool to assist with financial planning and assessment; through supplying users with the ability to print invoices, view their statements online and ascertain the value of their inventory.

Asset Tracking – The portal displays the location of equipment in real time and provides a complete audit trail of its movement through the workflow process reducing the possibility of losing assets, which is estimated to cost the NHS over £1 billion per year.

Online App

Asset Management customers have access to our Online App which enables equipment orders ‘by the bedside’ of the patient.

Analysis on our equipment orders displayed a large proportion of requests being sent in the afternoon, primarily due to clinicians completing patient assessments in the morning and passing their equipment needs to an administrator upon returning to their central organisation in the early afternoon.

This meant equipment orders were being placed in bulk, which could create a bottle neck in the service and meant a patient were being assessed early in the morning but had to wait to receive their equipment late afternoon; this is especially problematic for patients at risk of developing a pressure sore considering they can start to develop within 2 hours.

The ability to order by the bedside of patients will effectively distribute the volume of orders throughout the day, reducing the strain on the service, and condense the time for the patient to receive the equipment, as our 4 hour response time will start from this point.

This unique offering delivers significant benefits to our customers through:

Maximising Clinician to Patient Time – The APEX App reduces the need for clinicians to return back to their organisation to place requests for equipment, allowing them to focus on delivering optimal patient care.

Reduced Administration – Administration in any organisation can often prove costly and inefficient, the APEX App helps to reduce this by taking a layer of the ordering process away and empowering clinicians to place their requests directly.

Retain Budgetary Controls – Defined authorisation levels can place a safeguard against over spending by passing equipment requests to a centralised location for approval, before being passed over to APEX.