100,000 patients per year that will contract an HCAI and approximately 5,000 of these results in death, with a further 15,000 partially attributable (Plowman, Hospital Acquired Infection, 1997). Plowman’s (1999) study stipulated that HCAI’s caused patients to remain in hospital for an additional 14 days at extra cost of £3154 per patient; this equates to a total cost of approximately £1Billion per annum to the NHS (Plowman, The socioeconomic burden of hospital acquired infection, 2000).

APEX has invested to develop a state of the art decontamination facility to ensure we help to tackle the on-going costs caused by HCAI’s. We have the ability to offer a range of bespoke, contracted or ad-hoc decontamination solutions for both static and dynamic pressure area care mattresses and covers, in addition medical beds, hoists and riser recliner chairs.

Our decontamination process is in line with full NHS guidelines and is based around single patient use. Our rigorous cleaning and quality control processes are meticulously followed and regularly audited both internally and independently, with regular swab tests performed to assess the cleanliness of our facility.

All equipment has a complete audit trail, once cleaned and quality checked, all systems are certificated with a decontamination certificate as evidence that the equipment has completed our decontamination procedure.

What can APEX Medical offer?

  • Collection of contaminated equipment
  • Thorough decontamination of equipment
  • Equipment passes through quality control to assess whether the product is operating correctly. If a fault is identified the customer will be called to ascertain whether or not they would like the product repaired.
  • Upon completion of our decontamination and qualitycontrol process, each piece of equipment is awarded a decontamination certificate
  • Equipment is delivered back to the customer within up to 5 working days.
  • Additionally we offer a free of charge clinical wastedisposal service for all equipment that is deemed ‘not fit for purpose’

BHTA Protect, Rinse and Dry Publication

bhta-logo-transAPEX was a member of the BHTA committee, which created the BHTA Protect, Rinse and Dry Publication. The publication focuses on the care, cleaning and inspection of healthcare mattresses.

Its purpose is to respond to a Medical Device Alert that highlighted that mattress covers can become damaged at any time during use or storage. For example from needle stick, strikethrough, damage from sharp objects, abrasion during handling, transport or movement and inappropriate cleaning and decontamination procedures.

It informs users of mattresses as to the causes and consequences of damage and provides guidance on caring for the mattress in accordance with best practice.