APEX support healthcare organisations by providing a free audit of existing dynamic and static mattresses, hoists and beds.

Your territory account manager will complete this service on-site by appointment and at your convenience.

A report will be provided on requested to inform decision makers on the need to service, replace or repair any of their equipment.

What can APEX Medical offer?

  • Create a clear asset register of all items in the organisation
  • Product type, manufacturer, make, model and location are all documented
  • Audible and visual checks on dynamic mattresses are performed to assess the condition and setting of the equipment is correct.
  • A visual inspection of static equipment’s cover, zip and foam to check for ingress. The ‘Fist Test’ will display whether or not the equipment is ‘bottoming out’ and proving to be a risk to effective pressure area care.
  • Beds are assessed by ensuring all of the handset functions are in full working order, in addition to a bed rail assessment with the current mattress in situ.