Pressure Ulcer Analysis

Pressure Ulcers have been highlighted by the NHS as one of four indicators of harm free care and have become a focal point in measuring the progress of health providers in the UK.

Given the fact that 95% of pressure ulcers are avoidable (Hibbs, 1998) and that they pose a significant cost to the NHS, ranging from £1,214 for a Stage 1 to £14,108 for a stage 4 (Dealey, 2012), it has become essential for healthcare providers to develop a coherent pressure ulcer prevention and management strategy.

Through analysing publically available HES data, APEX are able to provide clinical commissioning groups with a detailed insight into their performance in pressure ulcer management. The subsequent information is used to develop a strategy and accompanying road map on how to reduce the incidence rates of pressure ulcers in the organisation.

Information will also be provided on how organisations can capitalise on incentive systems that reward continuous progression and national bodies which will support this process.