APEX  Medical Corp, a leading player in the Pressure Area Care and Respiratory Therapy sector, is delighted to announce it has completed its largest acquisition to date in procuring Westmeria Healthcare Limited (Westmeria) a leading UK provider of Pressure Area Care (PAC) therapy. This significant acquisition sees Westmeria join the APEX Medical Group in Europe forming a new UK company, APEX Medical Ltd.

The company’s headquarters will remain in Crayford, Kent as APEX looks to increase its service capabilities and widen its distribution network across the UK; including expanding into the acute sector. Westmeria’s current Dynamic and Static Mattress ranges will benefit from a rebrand to carry APEX’s visual identity.

APEX will strive to maintain the high standards of service and product development pioneered by Westermeria since its formation in 1999 and will become a market leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of pressure area care equipment, medical beds, and manual handling equipment, with an emphasis on serving the healthcare needs of patients throughout the UK.

The launch of the new company will take place at the Care and Dementia Show (3rd -4th November 2015), NEC Birmingham, with APEX also having a major presence at Wounds UK (9th-11th) November 2015, Harrogate International Centre.

Bringing together Westmeria’s extensive knowledge of the UK healthcare market and history of producing innovative service based solutions, enhanced by APEX medical corp’s experienced manufacturing capability, APEX believes it can deliver the ideal support to clinicians in reducing pressure ulcers throughout the UK.

Pressure ulcers represent a major burden of sickness and reduced quality of life for patients and create significant difficulties for patients, their carers and families. Pressure ulcers are estimated to occur in 4–10% of patients admitted to acute hospitals in the UK1, resulting in pressure ulcers costing the NHS £1.4-2.1 billion each year, 4% of the total NHS budget2. New pressure ulcers are estimated to effect up to 30% of patients in the community and 20% of patients in nursing and residential homes may be affected.  As a result of the ‘Your Turn’ campaign, a national movement working to reduce the number of pressure ulcers in the UK, APEX’s ultimate aim is to eliminate pressure ulcers in the UK market place through product innovation, education and service.

Nicola Rodker, Managing Director, APEX, comments: “We have been working with the company successfully for over ten years in building the UK Pressure Area Care sector and this transaction allows us to continue to grow our services and channels with the added benefit of APEX’s extensive portfolio of medical equipment including a series of new wound management products and services.  This powerful business collaboration allows us expand within the wound care market, through product leadership and a focus on innovation, design and speed to market.”

“We are not just focused on products; our expert teams also offer existing excellence within Research and Development, as well as a heritage in education and training and reputable repair and maintenance services.   As part of this approach to customer service, we are proud to provide a resource centre for our customers to lean on throughout the lifecycle of the product.”

Jon Jauregui, Director General of APEX Medical Europe, added “As part of our global expansion program, APEX medical has for a number of years extended and developed its international operations with a particular focus on the European Medical market. As such we are delighted with the acquisition of Westmeria Healthcare allowing us to create a significant UK-based presence”