As suppliers of medical equipment and providers of maintenance and repair services, Westmeria Healthcare Ltd (WHC) attend an extensive variety of healthcare environments, including community settings in the United Kingdom to patients groups that include children and vulnerable adults.

WHC is committed to safeguarding compliance of all who commission their service and this is reflected in our Safeguarding of Children and Vulnerable Adults Policy. This meets governance requirements of those who appoint us and it is embedded in our culture. Children and young people are considered in all our interactions with service users and their carers. The welfare of our service users is our paramount consideration and guides our work. Our staff’s duty is to ensure that children are protected from harm as per the principles laid down in all associated legislation.

WHC review its arrangements for safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults and confirm that the following are in place:

1. DBS checks are carried out in line with the statutory requirements

WHC has a fully implemented DBS checking policy for the safe recruitment of staff. The policy sets out that criminal record checks which it conducts are implemented for staff appointments and on-going employment of all relevant individuals within WHC. The policy complies with the NHS employment check standards including those working with children to undertake an enhanced level of assessment.

2. All WHC Policies and Systems are up to date with current legislation and compliance is monitored by our appointed Safeguarding Lead who is accountable for monitoring safeguarding and working in collaboration with multiple parties and reports to the WHC Board of Directors.

3. WHC’s Safeguarding Policy, Whistleblowing Policy, Quality procedures and protocols are available on request. Processes are audited internally and externally by our quality management certification (ISO9001)

4. WHC has a robust training strategy in place in relation to delivering safeguarding training and is aligned to health and social requirements with competencies for staff and evidence of training.

5. Our staff understand the rights of vulnerable adults to be happy, healthy, safe and productive in their contribution to society and not to be abused, neglected or exploited. In safeguarding and promoting the welfare of vulnerable adults, WHC is committed to creating an ethos which values working collaboratively with others, respects diversity (including race, religion, disability, gender, age and sexual orientation) and promotes equality.

29th May 2015