APEX Medical’s first class rental service specialises in the provision of dynamic pressure relieving mattresses, electric beds and hoists, along with other ancillary equipment to accommodate the needs of any healthcare organisation.

This flexible service enables customers to optimise the degree of care it provides its patients as the organisation no longer becomes constrained by the product mix it has purchased, it simply orders the relevant product for the patient’s requirements

Benefits associated with this service include:

  • Products are available when and where they are needed
  • Select equipment based on patient need, not stock availability
  • Removes the need for organisations to invest in logistical infrastructure
  • Eliminates costs for repair and maintenance of purchased equipment
  • Assists organisations in managing its cash flow through reducing capital expenditure on equipment
  • Eradicates the possibility of stock becoming outdated

Library Stock

A library stock rental service is appropriate for organisations who want the flexibility of installing the equipment themselves and whose patients are located on-site, whilst still benefiting from not having to invest significant capital in equipment. This service is particularly effective for meeting the requirements of large acute trusts.A set amount of equipment is delivered to your site, with a buffer stock provided at no additional charge, to ensure equipment is available during periods of increased activity. APEX will then continue to visit at agreed intervals to swap dirty equipment to clean. A set price is charged per month, based upon the predefined equipment volume, for the service.

This rental solution minimises the logistical support required and this reduces the cost per unit, whilst also allowing organisations to effectively plan their expenditure due to a standardized volume and have immediate access to equipment.

Care in the Community

Our care in the community package is appropriate for organisations who provide services to patients within a nursing, residential or homecare environment. Upon the completion of an assessment, an order will be placed through either our mobile app, web portal or telephone to request the necessary equipmentA set price per day will be charged for each type of equipment. Our installation engineers will arrive within a 4 hour period to install the equipment.

Once the equipment is no longer required a collection request can be sent, through the same methods as order, at which point the billing for the equipment stops.Rentals