Asset Management

Our Asset Management service is split into a rental option, a full managed service or a combination of the two.

Customers are able to benefit from APEX’s highly specialised logistical infrastructure, thus benefiting from the economies of scale and experience we have developed over many years. This allows healthcare organisations to focus on delivering a high level of patient care, whilst transitioning them from a processing to a monitory entity for the provision of equipment.

Our Asset Management service provides access to our state of the art decontamination facility, 24 hour troubleshoot and support service, RFID tagging of equipment to enable live asset tracking, 4hr response time (95% of all asset management deliveries are made in under three and a half hours), access to our educational programmes, live management reporting, access to our web portal and mobile app, in addition to managing all deliveries and collections.

All of our asset management contracts are supported by a through and transparent network of Service Level Agreements, details on our performance are available on request.


How it works:

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