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The Premier range is a dual layered foam cushion, one of which is a high density viscoelastic polymer, delivering maximum patient comfort and an excellent degree of pressure reduction for patients at a high risk of developing pressure ulcers .The cushion was developed to be used in hospitals, nursing homes and home care environments.

Key Features

  • 3” foam replacement: provides excellent pressure redistribution and contributes to an effective pressure ulcer prevention plan
  • Viscoelastic Layer: The cushion features a high density viscoelastic (memory) foam layer, which is temperature-­sensitive, enabling it to conform to the patient’s body shape, providing exceptional comfort and facilitating optimal pressure reduction by minimising peak pressures.
  • Support Layer: The Premier benefits from a second supportive layer that reduces the trapped feeling that is common with other viscoelastic mattresses, in addition to increasing the performance, durability and patient comfort.
  • 2 Way Turning Regime: The cushion can be manoeuvred to increase the longevity of the product and reduce the likelihood of the foam ‘bottoming out’.
  • 2 Way Stretch Vapour Permeable Cover: reduces patient shear and friction, in addition to providing an easy to clean waterproof layer of protection to reduce the chance of the foam being contaminated and soiled
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  • Tech Specs

    • Width:43cm
    • Length:43cm
    • Depth:7.5cm
    • Weight
    • Inner Construction Materials
    • Cover Material
    • Maximum User Weight:16st(101kg)
    • Minimum User Weight