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The Piezo is a high risk full replacement dynamic mattress and has been constructed with a cell in cell structure, which supplies an added layer of protection with the middle cells offering support in case of power failure for at least eight hours. The system benefits from a static feature to provide constant low pressure therapy, audible and visual alarms, in addition to a CPR facility.

Key Features

  • Static Mode: Equalises the pressure across the entire mattress to two thirds of its capacity, providing constant low pressure therapy to allow greater immersion into the mattress surface and provide optimum pressure redistribution. This function can also be used for repositioning, manual handling and providing personal care for healthcare staff, as it creates a more stable surface.
  • Alternating Mode: Continuously and sequentially inflates and deflates air cells to mimic natural sleep movement patterns and relieve pressure away from vulnerable areas, whilst also stimulating blood circulation.
  • Dual Purpose Pump: Allows the pump to be applied to the APEX Dynamic Cushion, providing patients and clinicians with a 24 hour care package, whilst reducing the cost associated with the prevention and management of pressure ulcers.
  • Low Pressure Alarm: provides a visual and audible warning when the system loses air pressure, decreasing the risk of a prolonged loss in adequate alternating therapy.
  • 2 Way Stretch Vapour Permeable Cover: reduces patient shear and friction, in addition to providing an easy to clean waterproof layer of protection to reduce the chance of the foam being contaminated and soiled
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    • Width: 90cm
    • Length:200cm
    • Depth:20cm
    • Inner Construction Materials
    • Cover Materials:
    • Number of Cells: 20
    • Max. User Weight: 26st (160kg)
    • Minimum User Weight: 6.2st (40kgs)


    • Width: 29 cm
    • Length: 29 cm
    • Depth: 11.7 cm
    • Weight: 4KG
    • Alternating Cycle Time: 9min 36sec
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    If you haven't found the information you require about this product above, here are some FAQs to help further. If you don't find what you are looking for in these FAQs, please contact us How is the mattress inflated?  By turning the comfort dial to maximum pressure the mattress will inflate quicker (make sure you return to correct setting once inflated)
    What to do incase of a powercut?  Join mattress connectors together to retain the air in the mattress. How do I adjust the settings if the client sits up in bed? Increase the weight setting by one.