The APEX Patient Lifter has a maximum patient lifting weight of 135 KG and is the most compact of all three Patient Lifters

The APEX Patient Lifter 135 is an advanced powered patient lifter, which has a maximum patient lifting weight of 135 KG. It is designed with patient safety in mind and can lift patients from the floor as well as from their chair or bed. The easy to adjust legs have an increased foot print of 96 CM to give the hoist extra stability.

The lifting and lowering function is electrically operated and battery powered so the hoist can be operated away form a mains power supply. The APEX Patient Lifter 135 has a highly visible emergency stop button to disable the hoist quickly and effectively in the case of an emergency

The APEX Patient Lifter 135 has a number of safety features, these include a red colored four directional swiveling spreader bar to make it as visible as possible for patients in case they need to grab hold of the bar in an emergency, locking rear casters, an emergency stop button, manual lowering function in case of power failure or emergency and a hard wired lowering button in case the hand set gets damaged or lost.

Key Features

  • Hooked Multi Directional Spreader Bar: The spreader bar is designed to be used in conjunction with looped slings, the spreader bar can also be moved both up and down and left and right to ensure it is in the correct position for hoisting.
  • Position Handles: The APEX Patient Lifter 135 is fitted with two positioning handles to allow the care giver to easily position or move the hoist with minimum exertion.
  • Larger Casters: The casters fitted to the APEX Patient Lifter 135 are deliberately larger than normal to allow the hoist to be easily moved over carpet, rugs, door frames and any other uneven surfaces it might come across in a care environment.
  • Modular Actuator Design: The actuators used on the APEX Patient Lifter 135 are designed to be easily and quickly replaced in situ if there is ever a fault.
  • Red Spreader Bar: The spreader bar is coloured red to make it easily identifiable to the patient as something to grab hold of if they feel unsteady or there is an emergency during hoisting. It is compatible with looped slings.
  • Locking Rear Casters: The rear casters have an easy to use foot operated locking mechanism which is painted red to make them more visible. The foot peddle is ergonomic and intuitive in its design to make operation as simple as possible.
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  • Tech Specs

    • Maximum Lifting Height: 154 CM
    • Minimum Lifting Height: 33 CM
    • Length: 106 CM
    • Minimum Width: 54 CM
    • Maximum Width: 96 CM
    • Maximum Patient Weight: 135 KG
    • Safe Working Load: 150 KG
    • Hoist Weight: 33 KG
    • Electrical Rating: 100-240 V -. 50-60 Hz. IPX4 Rated
    • Certification: Medical Device Class II Rating, CE Marked
    • Emergency Stop: YES
    • Hard Wired Lowering Button: YES
    • Manual Lowering Function: YES
    • Battery Operated: YES
    • Intuitive Hand Set control: YES
    • Rear Locking Double Casters: YES
    • Pit Stop maintenance: YES