The Marano 2000 and 3000 bedframes are advanced four section electric profiling bedframes designed with both patients and caregivers in mind. The Marano range is designed to meet the safety and infection control demands of any modern healthcare environment.

Both bedframes come with unique features such as auto contour, cardiac  chair position, X-ray translucent backrest and audible and visual alarms.

Key Features

  • X-ray translucent: The back rest of the Marano Bed range is X-Ray translucent making it easier to take X-Rays with the patient situated in the bed.
  • Multi-function handsets: The handset allows the user to adjust the height of the bed, move the backrest and lift the leg section with a Fowler knee break. The handset also benefits from a lockout facility, reducing the possibility of unintended movements and unauthorised tampering with the equipment. Electrical operated trendelenburg, reverse trendelenburg, fowler and vascular position. One button to perform cardiac chair position, semi-fowler position, bed exit position and examination position.
  • Bed Extension: Increases the length of the bed to accommodate taller patients
  • Linen Holder: Allows easy storage for bed linen         
  • Break Release Alarm: to alert carers of a potentially unsafe condition, thus maximising patient safety
  • Battery Backup: When experiencing power failure, the battery back-up allows continued use of the equipment for
  • IV Pole: Supports Intravenous therapies


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