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The APEX Dynamic Cushion is a medium to high risk dynamic cushion with a foam insert, with an ergonomically designed front section for leg support.

Key Features

  • Cost effective
  • High quality
  • Provides continuity of pressure care from bed to chair
  • Compatible with Dynamic Cushion, Baros Plus, Baros, Piezo and Piezo Digital Pumps
  • 2 way stretch cover
  • 4 inch 6 cell dynamic cushion
  • 2 cell cycle (9min 36 seconds)
  • 2 way stretch cover
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  • Tech Specs


    • Width: 44cm
    • Length: 44cm
    • Depth: 10cm
    • Inner Construction Materials
    • Cover Materials
    • Number of Cells: 6
    • Max. User Weight: 19st (121kgs)
    • Minimum User Weight: 6.3st (40kgs)


    • Width: 25cm
    • Length: 13cm
    • Depth: 10cm
    • Weight: 2.5KG
    • Alternating Cycle Time: 9mins 36secs
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    How do you keep the wire discrete? 

    Tuck the piping through the back of the chair to keep it out of the way