The Auto Adjust system combines automatic self-­adjustment of cell pressure, Heel Cells and Constant Low Pressure therapy to provide one of the most advanced dynamic mattresses to the UK healthcare market. The system has been designed as an effective solution for the prevention and management of pressure ulcers, offering enhanced quality of care and reduced risks for caregivers. The system is intended for the delivery of high quality care to vulnerable patients and residents, whilst remaining easy-to‐use. The Auto Adjust also offers innovative features such as seat inflation and max firm, with a lock out feature and both audible and visual alarms to reduce the risk of human error.

Key Features

  • Auto Adjustment: The proprietary pressure/body‐weight algorithm enables automatic pressure adjustment in response to individual body mass distribution and patient movement. The system supports alternating therapy, continuously and sequentially inflates and deflates air cells to mimic natural sleep movement patterns and relieve pressure away from vulnerable areas, whilst also stimulating blood circulation.
  • Heel Section: One or more of the bottom five cells can be deflated under the patient’s heel to create a void, which will enable the heel to “float” so that there is no pressure in contact with the heel area (EPUAP, 2009)
  • Seat Inflation Mode: Increases the pressure equally across the entire mattress by 5 mmHg to deliver optimum support on sacrum area when in the Fowler position (sitting up), reducing the risk of “bottoming out”.
  • Max Firm Mode: Increases the pressure of the mattress to its full capacity, to provide a stable and firmer surface during repositioning, patient transfer and nursing procedures. The system will automatically revert back to alternating after 20 minutes.
  • Static Mode: Equalises the pressure across the entire mattress to two thirds of its capacity, providing constant low pressure therapy to allow greater immersion into the mattress surface and provide optimum pressure redistribution.
  • Multiple Alarms: provides a visual and audible warning when the system loses air pressure, experiences power failure or requires a repair, decreasing the risk of a prolonged loss in adequate alternating therapy.
  • 2 Way Stretch Vapour Permeable Cover: reduces patient shear and friction, in addition to providing an easy to clean waterproof layer of protection to reduce the chance of the foam being contaminated and soiled
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    • Width: 90cm
    • Length: 200cm
    • Depth: 20cm
    • Cover Materials: PU 2 way stretch
    • Number of Cells: 20
    • Max. User Weight: 32st (200kg)
    • Minimum User Weight: No minimum weight



    • Width: 29cm
    • Length: 20cm
    • Depth: 11.7cm
    • Weight: 2.2KG
    • Alternating Cycle Time: 9 mins 36 secs