APEX offer three different loop slings to be used in conjunction with the Patient Lifter, these are illustrated below along with sizing information. Each sling has colour coded loops for easy attachment to the hoist and comes with an embroiled weight and serial number label.

Hammock In Situ Spacer Fabric Sling

Hammock In Situ Spacer Fabric Sling: The hammock in situ sling is designed to be left under patients/end users whilst sitting. The sling is made of a light weight spacer fabric which is also breathable…

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Easy Fit Sling

Easy Fit Sling: The easy fit sling has flag stitched anti twist webbing to provide strength and durability along with Parasilk fabric to aide with bathing applications.

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Toileting Sling

Toileting Sling: The toileting sling has under arm padding, a security belt and a specialist low friction toileting fabric designed to aid with the removal of clothes.

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