Education and Thought Leadership

Our educational programmes will ensure you get the most out of your equipment and are able to deliver the highest possible care.

The programmes we are able to customize and deliver to your organisation were developed as part of our holistic approach to improving patient outcomes in both acute and community settings.

The packages focus on:

  • Product training for clinicians and carers.
  • Identifying and assessing the current clinical outcomes and their cost implications
  • Advising on how to achieve desired clinical outcomes through the correct choice of equipment.
  • Raising awareness of pressure ulcers within an organization or geographical area.

Self-Competency Based Training

Become a pro The training we provide is a face to face self-competency based programme which ensures attendees are instructed on all aspects of the equipment Training includes: Installation Use and functionality Troubleshooting Cleaning Inspection Maintenance The programme is a combination of theory and practical training, equipment will be demonstrated and attendees will then have the opportunity to use the equipment and ask any questions.…

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Your Turn

The campaign has been in existence for over 8 years and has seen huge changes in the profile of pressure ulcers in the acute setting. As part of APEX’s education programme we are able to offer access to the Your Turn campaign and collaborate with them to create a comprehensive strategy to reduce the incidence rates of pressure ulcers throughout your organisation. One of the…

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Pathway of Care Advisory

APEX offers a dedicated consultation to advise our clients on how to develop a standardised Pathway of Care to suit their individual needs and ensure a smooth transition to using our equipment. The Pathway can be used to highlight the step up step down process to assist you in optimising their stock and the level of care delivered to their patients. Too often clinicians requiring…

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Pressure Ulcer Analysis

Pressure Ulcers have been highlighted by the NHS as one of four indicators of harm free care and have become a focal point in measuring the progress of health providers in the UK. Given the fact that 95% of pressure ulcers are avoidable (Hibbs, 1998) and that they pose a significant cost to the NHS, ranging from £1,214 for a Stage 1 to £14,108 for…

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Pressure Ulcer

What are Pressure Ulcers?   How They Develop People with normal mobility do not develop pressure ulcers, as their body automatically makes hundreds of regular movements that prevent pressure building up on any part of their body. For example, while you are asleep you may think you are lying still, but you may shift position up to 20 times a night. Pressure ulcers can develop…

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