Infection Control Open Day


On 22nd May Westmeria hosted our annual infection control day to promote preventative actions that healthcare providers could take to defend against healthcare associated infections. This followed the success of last year’s event in which Ray Hodgkinson, Director General of the BHTA, opened our new and improved decontamination facility.

Westmeria Healthcare conducted three workshops, designed to support healthcare professionals with the knowledge and tools to prevent healthcare associated infections and pressure sores; these include:

• Thorough decontamination procedures- This workshop was been designed to display how and why Westmeria have developed a state of the art decontamination facility. The workshop outlined decontamination processes and best practices that have been implemented, whilst attendees followed the flow of equipment from initial drop off to completion and examined the audit trail that supports it.

• Infection control strategy- Krishna Khambhiata, Nurse Consultant Infection Prevention and Control – North East London NHS Foundation Trust, designed and presented a tutorial to provide attendees with the knowledge to implement effective infection control strategies and an analysis of the regulatory pressures healthcare professionals are faced with. This workshop provided the theoretical knowledge that complemented our practical based decontamination procedure workshop.

• Your Turn campaign- As an active found member of The Your Turn national campaign, we created a workshop to educate attendees on pressure ulcer prevention. Your Turn was launched in June 2006 with the aim of raising public awareness about the dangers of pressure ulcers. Claire James was unfortunately unable to attend; however our clinical consultant, Angela Harding, was able to step in at the last minute to provide attendees with sample toolkits and an explanation of the implementation strategies that Your Turn have introduced into organisations of all sizes to assist the reduction of pressure sores, which are costing the NHS up to £4Billion annually.