Apex Increase Investment

Taipei, Taiwan – 2nd September 2013. APEX MEDICAL CORPORATION (APEX), (TWSE listed Company (ref code 4106)), a leading player in the Pressure Area Care and Respiratory Therapy sectors – has today announced an agreement, effective Aug 30th 2013, to acquire a further interest in Westmeria Healthcare Limited (Westmeria), a leading provider of Pressure Area Care (PAC) therapy in the United Kingdom.

Jon Jauregui, Director General of Apex Medical Europe, noted “We are delighted to be increasing our investment with Westmeria. In the twelve months since our initial investment we have been pleased with the progress to expand our UK based presence through Westmeria. As part of our global expansion program, Apex will continue to extend and develop its international operations with a particular focus on the European Medical market.”

Nicola Rodker, Managing Directorof Westmeria Healthcare said “Westmeria has been working alongside Apex Medical very successfully for the past 12 months , developing the strategy to create a significant UK based presence for Apex. We are delighted that the relationship has been strengthened further by this additional investment.”

Westmeria Healthcare will continue to operate under their current management and company name.